Grass Be Gone, Update 3: All Done

Well, it's been a while since I posted about the metamorphosis taking place on our front lawn and I thought I'd finally give you guys an update so you can see how it turned out. One thing we did learn is: this was hard work, much more physically demanding than we anticipated. Luckily Pamela and I are still young bucks (at least we think so) so we were able to recover every week and keep going the following weekend. 

Please check out the previous posts here and here to see how we started.

Anyway, enough of the small talk, let's get to the pics:

For those of you wondering, we spent about $2,400 on the entire job. This is purely for materials since we did all the work. Luckily, with LA's Lawn Replacement rebate, we made the money back and essentially did this entire job for $200! (Rebate is $2 / SF and we did about 1,100 SF).

EDIT: As of July 2014, the rebate the City of LA now gives is $3 / SF! 

EDIT: As of Nov 5, 2014, now the rebate is $3.75!! Almost double when I did it just a few months ago.