Grass Be Gone. How to get rid of that water pit we call lawns.

Well, its time to get rid of that area of weeds and dry dirt in front of our house we call the lawn. We bought this house last year with limited funds and so we can only work on improvements every now and then. In a few years, it will look amazing, we promise!

In the meantime, Pamela and I have decided that we need to stop harming the environment watering a useless lawn, and we need to save some pennies so we can use that money on the rest of the house improvements.

Here in Los Angeles, the gas company and the water company offer a variety of rebates to help homeowners with energy efficient improvements. One of them is a $1-$2 / sf cash rebate to remove your existing lawn and replace it with drought tolerant plants and groundcover, low drip irrigation, and moisture based irrigation controllers.

Well, we're going to try to do all that. More importantly, we'd like to welcome you along for the ride to see how we do. We won't get it done quickly (remember, cash flow dictates speed).

First Step:

The first step is to apply for the rebate itself. If you're in the city of Los Angeles, go to to SoCal Gas' website and apply there. You have to provide your home's info and some pictures of the existing lawn, er, money pit. 

Next Step:

Do the work! You can either do it yourself or hire someone else to do it. In our case, as we've shown before, we like to do things ourselves. Its fun, and saves money. We're going to plan out the lawn first and we'll price it out first to see what is realistically achievable.  Once we get the plan drawn up, we'll post it and provide an update. Stay tuned!

Here's our lawn now....ugh.

As always. Stand by to stand by.

grayburn exterior jan 2014.jpg

The large tree in front of our house is a Chinese Elm that the city just trimmed 2 days ago. It was much fuller than this, and prettier, but it was getting scary as huge branches were falling off similar trees on our block. Thank You City of LA. See you in 2064 (50 year tree trimming cycle in LA the workers told me). You can also see all the other work we have to do on the house: new roof, get rid of that ugly blue trim, new stucco, new fence, and on and on.