Preuss Four selected as Case Study by L.A.

The City of Los Angeles has chosen our Preuss Four project, completed in conjunction with The 4Corners Group, as a case study for their updated Small Lot Subdivision Guidelines (link to pdf).

For those who don't know, the City of Los Angeles passed an ordinance , called the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, back in 2005 that was meant to address a lack of home ownership opportunities in dense urban areas within L.A. In the past, all single family homes had to be on a 5,000 SF minimum size lot. The problem was, as the city became more and more developed, there were a lot of single lots left undeveloped that were surrounded by 2, 3, and 4 story condo or apartment projects. Although, these solitary lots were zoned for multi-family use, no developer would touch them because they were too small for condos or apartments and they just wouldn't "pencil."

Until the Small Lot Ordinance came around. This ordinance allows you to subdivide these lots into much smaller lots, as small as 600 SF if  you can believe it. After that, you can build a fee-simple, non Condo, non HOA, single family home on each small lot. My work with the 4Corners Group started by doing just this type of project. Beethoven was our first. Preuss Four was our second. We're working on our third.

Recently, the city had decided to update the guidelines as there were some kinks in it as everyone can understand. In the process, they asked for submittals of small lot projects to see if they could create a list of case studies that might be helpful for other developers to follow; kind of like a 'best practices' thing. Well, I submitted our project, and ta-da, we were selected! We're alongside some other fine developers that I know well like HeyDay and Modative.

Now, I know, this isn't the Pritzker Prize or an exposé in Record, but for me, just getting started in this game we all love, its very, very cool. I feel like we're doing something right and its nice to be recognized in some small part.

Anyway, here is an excerpt from the guide with the two pages that highlight our design.

As always. Stand by to stand by.