New Home

Building your dream home is more than just figuring out where the dining room goes. It's about figuring out how you and your family want to live. 

Typical Process for designing and building a New Home

Step 1 - Pre-Design - 3 bedrooms or 4?

This is one of the most important steps in the entire process and it's where we will build the foundation so to speak for how the project will flow over the coming months. Major items to discuss and review are?

  1. Vision - Where do you see yourself living and how?
  2. Budget
  3. Timeline
  4. Basic Program (what you want your house to have)
  5. Site conditions
  6. Local Codes and Regulations

Step 2 - Schematic Design

Given all of the "wants" that we established in the previous step, we will work to reconcile them with your "needs" and other constraints like budget and site conditions. During this phase we will develop the initial layout and look of your new home.

Step 3 -  Design Development

Now that we know what your dream home is starting to look like, we'll add information like finishes, materials, specifications for products, and most importantly building code information that will allow us to proceed toward permitting.

Step 4 - Construction Documents

During this phase, we, along with the other consultants working on the project (structural engineer, for example), will produce the final set of documents, plans, reports, and specifications that we will need to submit to the city's building department for approval. 

Step 5 - Bidding / Selecting a contractor

While the drawings are being reviewed and revised, we will help you with choosing the general contractor who will ultimately build your new home. We can prepare bid documents and assist you in evaluating the bids you receive.

Step 6 - Construction / Construction Administration

The final and longest phase, this is when your house actually comes to life. We will act as your eyes and ears in order to help ensure that what we drew up, is what gets built.

Wanna' get started on your new home?