Successfully completing any project requires navigating many steps and phases along the way. cs design is familiar with the entire process from start to finish. Whether you're just starting a project, or you already have a site and concept in mind, we can help.
We offer our services in an a-la-carte style menu. We can help with you with as little, or as much, as you want. 


+ Pre-Purchase Advice | Feasibility Study

If you think you've found a site that you'd like to work with, but are not sure what you can or can't do on it, we can help you evaluate the site's potential. We'll visit the site, conduct some research and prepare a report for you which will outline some of the constraints, requirements, and overall guidelines which will impact any potential project on the site. Although, not included in our Feasibility Studies, Pre-Design services are available. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

+ Pre-Design

We will evaluate a given site and its existing conditions, and any documents or information you provide us, in order to do preliminary parking studies or layouts, basic building massing, and overall project diagrams. We try to capture the impact of setbacks, height requirements, easements, restrictions, etc., in order to give you an idea of what kind of project, building, or even subdivision is possible. The goal here is to give you a good idea of what your project may look like.

+ architectural services

These are the traditional services that architects perform. We will take the work we have done in Pre-Design and begin to develop it further. This will proceed all the way through construction documents and the pulling of all permits. We will coordinate with all other consultants and engineers as they perform their work in conjunction with ours. We will assist you with General Contractor selection provide admin services during construction (typically referred to as Construction Admin or CA services) as well. NOTE: If you choose to use us for Construction Management services (see below), we will reduce the CA services accordingly.


+ PRo forma analysis

Developing a pro forma to evaluate whether your development deal works or not is essential. Typically, our clients have already done this analysis BEFORE they reach out to us. However, if you need assistance with this, or have not completed it at all, we can provide that service as well. We are familiar with both for-sale and for-rent pro formas.

+ Entitlements / subdivisions

If your project will require any approvals from the city beyond the typical building permits, we can manage that process and attain those entitlements for you. For example, if you are requesting variances from the zoning and building code, you will need entitlements. Subdivisions are another good example of projects that require entitlements. The process of entitlement is lengthy and entails many moving parts. Every Small Lot Subdivision we do requires entitlements, so we are quite familiar with the process.


+ construction management (cM)

Based on our past experience we can give you more service during the construction phase than a typical architecture firm. We can develop and manage project Gantt charts, handle tracking of budgets, oversee the contractor's subcontracts, and ordering of key supplies and materials. This is more than just approving an invoice or answering a contractor's question. Our CM service is about actively managing the contractor so he completes your project on time and on budget.